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PISCO omnibus order – who likes to join?
On a merely private basis we would like to order some crates of good Pisco. Maybe you like to join with an order of one or more bottles.

What are we talking about?
The Piscos we are talking about have their origin in the region of Caraveli, in the province of Arequipa, and are high- or top-quality products!

Though nearly unknown, Caraveli is one of the eldest and traditionally most rich winegrowing areas of Peru. The wine tradition of Caraveli goes back to the beginnings of the Spanish conquest in Peru. Since more than 400 years wine is cultivated in Caraveli.

The eldest clay jug employed for wine production in Caraveli is dated 1608!
The following image shows one from 1777 which is still in use.

[Bild: krug1777_zpsf35edfb5.jpg]

Caraveli, el “jardin del sur”, the garden of the south,
is an oasis in a desert, situated in an altitude of 1779 m above sea level, about 75 kilometers away from the pacific coast. The climate in Caraveli is dry and warm with mild night temperatures.  The Pisco from Caraveli has its own Denominacion de Origen; due to the extraordinary altitude in which the grapes are cultivated it is called “Pisco de altura”, i.e. Pisco from the altitudes. It is quite unique worldwide.

[Bild: caravelibanner_zps5474b723.jpg]

Pisco production in Carevli is “artesanal” which means mainly manual production.
It can and should not be compared with the industrial Pisco mass production, in particular in the Ica region.
You will taste the difference!

[Bild: traubensmall_zps6588f471.jpg]

During the last decades, the winemakers of Caraveli have invested quite a lot in oenologist consulting, thereby enhancing their production process and their products.
The result is impressive!

Piscos from Caraveli have repeatedly won national and internal competitions!
These are the Piscos we are heading for.
Naturally, due to the price range, we think about two different categories, i.e.
1) a  Pisco of a very good medium quality; and
2) Piscos of top-quality.

How did we choose?
Due to personal contacts, we have visited Caraveli and its bodegas several times and have extensively savored the Piscos of this region.
[Bild: piscocaraveli_zps00693fb5.jpg]

Try the Piscos we would like to order:
Though we currently only dispose of three bottles (hmhh…why?) it is surely enough to get a good impression of the Piscos and their flavors.
Just give us a call and drop in.
We meet in the kitchen of our house in La Molina.
We will provide you with our telephone number via email or personal message.

Sunday, October 12, 2014 between 15:00 to 18:00h would be nice.

If this does not fit just call and we will find another opportunity.

An open word:
The order we have in mind is on a non-profit basis, i.e. we only cover the expenditures and in particular the transport costs from Caraveli to Lima (about 800km).


[Bild: piscoredlabel_zps2662b7c4.jpg]
Pisco Negro Criolla
A very good medium-quality Pisco
We feel that this Pisco is better than the average Quierolo or Tacama
which usually costs between appr. 30,- to 35,- Soles per bottle.  
Negra Criolla tastes similar to the well known Quebranta.
Price per bottle (750ml): 20,- Soles

[Bild: piscolilalabel_zps501ebf1d.jpg]
Pisco, Negra Criollia
This is a top-quality Pisco!
Negra Criolla tastes similar to the well known Quebranta.
This Pisco is the same as the awarded “Comendador de Caraveli *
Price per bottle (750ml): 40,- Soles


The Comendador de Caraveli (see report, for example
.pdf   archive_peruthisweek_com_gastronomy_features-1440.pdf (Größe: 536,88 KB / Downloads: 1) ) has won various national and international awards (e.g. the silver medal of the Concurso Mundial de Bruselas 2009) and was also rated as one of the world´s 11 best Piscos. It s produced and merchandise by the association of the Pisco producers of Careveli. 
The 500ml bottle of the comendador is traded for an average price of 48,- Soles (in 2014). If you convert this to 750ml, the price would be 72 ,- Soles.

How do we get the more favorable price of 40,- Soles for the 750ml bottle?

The Bodega/Vina we are ordering from is one of the main providers of the Pisco for the awarded Comendador and, naturally, they sell this product with their own label (see images). Since we are ordering by means of an omnibus order and in larger quantities, we omit the usual margins.   

[Bild: piscogoldlabel_zpse0ab26ec.jpg]
Pisco, Moscatel
A top-quality Pisco!
This Pisco is the same as the awarded “Comendador de Caraveli (here: Moscatel) see above *
Moscatel has a slightly fruity flavor of the Moscatel grape
Preferably enjoyed pure!
My personal favorite!
Price per bottle (750ml): 40,- Soles -  Forum Peru mit deutschsprachigen Infos aus erster Hand
May 07, 2015:

From our current order there are a few bottles left (in La Molina).

If you are interested, call 969379616. -  Forum Peru mit deutschsprachigen Infos aus erster Hand

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